Procurement plans in a joint calendar

The government programme includes an objective to make state procurements more systematic. The target is to identify and unify similar procurement needs and to make contract management more efficient.

As part of more efficient and uniform planning, the Ministry of Finance drew up in autumn 2016 a planning form with instructions that procurement units must start using. Procurement plans begin with an identification of procurement needs, proceeding through tendering, orders and payment to reporting. Making the procurement plans and publishing the tendering calendar was given for Hansel to do. Hansel publishes the procurements given by the procurement units to be tendered for.

Predicting procurements will help to plan operations of both the procurement units and suppliers. Publication of preliminary information of tendering processes is also hoped to increase innovative services and products.

Procurement plans will support the entire organisation’s management, putting together procurement management, operations and financial planning. This information will in future be collected at least once a year. The tendering calendar can be updated continuously. The new method will be adopted in spring 2017.

Procurement plans and the adoption of the state tendering calendar are part of the Handi project for the digitalisation of procurements.