Hansel Academy

The company makes strong investments in the development of its experts’ competence. The Hansel Academy is a multiyear competence development programme that focuses on the management of procurement and future challenges in procurement services. Most of the company’s employees take part in this training programme.

The academic partner of the training programme is Lappeenranta University of Technology, thanks to which the programme can be scaled to the needs of the students. All of the training programme’s modules include an advance task on the theme, and application of theoretical studies to Hansel’s practical development objects, in the form of an intermediate task. Communality of learning and formation of a shared set of concepts is enhanced by having the students do their assignments in groups that cross the boundaries between the various units.

In 2016, the programme focused on negotiation skills both from a theoretical perspective and with concrete exercises. Also, students were given innovativeness training during which an innovation competition was launched. In autumn 2016 the focus shifted to mastery of the new Act on Public Contracts. Company lawyers held intensive training events for both Hansel employees and external parties.

New employees undergo a job orientation programme lasting around two weeks, during which they learn about all of the company’s main functions. The programme also goes through the Code of Ethics and other CSR-related elements. Feedback from new employees is collected via a feedback discussion, held a few months after the beginning of employment.

Job role-specific training events have been arranged outside of the Hansel Academy. Also, experts have responsibly developed their own substance competence by taking part in different professional and training events.