Framework agreements as services

At the year-end, Hansel had a total of 78 framework agreements (78 on 31 Dec 2015) and a total of 192 competitive tenders including subcategories (200 in 2015). Also at the end of 2016, Hansel had 369 contract suppliers (383 in 2015).

Hansel’s largest framework agreement was for Electricity, which reached a procurement value of €74 million (€76 million in 2015). The second largest framework agreement, with a volume of €62 million (€60 million in 2015) was Occupational health care services, whilst the third largest was ICT consulting with a volume of €47 million (€47 million in 2015).

Measured in euros, the main users of Hansel’s framework agreements were the administrative sectors of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Utilisation of framework agreements is mainly promoted through marketing communications. In addition to face-to-face services, customers are offered diverse electronic services. Each year, Hansel organises customer and supplier events with the aim of promoting sales and exchanging experiences on framework agreements.

Government electricity procurement is handled centrally through Hansel’s framework agreement and involves derivatives that hedge against changes in electricity prices, in accordance with the Government’s electricity hedging strategy. Hansel is responsible for the management of this portfolio and is the counterparty to the derivative agreements on behalf of its customers. For Hansel, electricity derivatives trading is a pass-through item and all the related expenses and income are charged for in full from Hansel portfolio customers (see Note 5.2).

In October 2016, the grouping Energia Myynti Suomi Oy and Energi Danmark A/S noticed an invoicing error concerning electricity sales agreements under the Hansel framework agreement in the period between 1 September 2013 and 30 September 2016. The error amounted to Hansel’s service fee. Hansel decided to take responsibility for correcting this error, as retroactive correction by means of additional invoicing of the grouping would have caused an unreasonable administrative burden to the customer. Hansel reimbursed the grouping for a total of EUR 464,540.54 in service fees in December 2016.