Stakeholder analysis

With its operation and cooperation with stakeholders, Hansel wants to promote the quality and responsibility of public procurement in Finland. The growing complexity of legislation has led to an increased need to consolidate competence in units such as Hansel, which share their expertise via, for example, training and guidelines.

Hansel plays an essential role in terms of the suppliers’ business operations, and Hansel bears its responsibility by enhancing the functioning of the market and by speaking in favour of responsible activities.

Analysis of the major stakeholders with whom Hansel regularly works

Stakeholder Expectations and requirements towards Hansel Impact on Hansel’s business Cooperation and business strategy Responsible party
Customer relationships
Procurement units Affordable and high-quality acquisitions in terms of contractual terms and prices. Support for competitive tendering of both framework agreements and own acquisitions. Risks related to purchasing and procurement are minimised. Making procurement easier for the organisation, the need for support with the development of procurement has increased. Very high Operations are based on a customer relationship plan, drawn up annually, wherein areas of focus and major customer relationship development activities are identified. Customer relationship team
Government service providers
Cooperation forum for government service providers Synergies in other operations Mutual coaching in various sectors Management’s forum, communication and marketing cooperation: e.g., ValtioExpo Managing Director, Communications Manager
Senate Properties Support through successful acquisitions and the development of procurement Cooperation has become deeper and more systematic, win-win Joint Facility Days every other year, leased procurement manager and development services Customer relationship team, category management, development services
Government ICT Centre Valtori Support through successful acquisitions and the development of procurement High impact, important to maintain interest, key partner in the ICT sector Expert services and cooperation in accordance with the government’s procurement strategy: tendering expertise from Hansel, concepts for ICT services from Valtori Customer relationship team, category management, ICT team
HAUS Kehittämiskeskus Oy Cooperation on training provided to Hansel’s customers. Hansel employees as instructors on procurement services. Development of the expertise of Hansel employees Planning of training, and training in courses such as the Basics of Procurement Supervisors
Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR Palkeet Support with business through successful acquisitions and the development of procurement Increased Cooperation projects Customer relationship team, category management
State Treasury Support through successful acquisitions and the development of procurement Increased impact. A significant operator in the development of the government’s financial and HR administration. Cooperation projects Customer relationship team
Relationships with suppliers
Framework suppliers Profitable commercial activities with state administration organisations; Professional tendering processes coupled with non-discriminatory and fair treatment Possibilities for additional sales. Extremely significant impact as a provider of high-quality, responsible products. Preparation of an action plan, coordination of cooperation with suppliers Category management
Other suppliers Desire for additional sales. Fair and non-discriminatory treatment, and verification of this. Small impact Communication on selection criteria, marketing of tendering processes Category management, customer relationship team
Relationships with employees, and the Board of Directors
Employees A good employer, balance between work and leisure time Very high Continuous measures for enhancing well-being at work Managing Director
Hansel Oy’s Board of Directors Well-managed, successful company High Cooperation with the Board of Directors according to the Limited Liability Companies Act Managing Director, employee representative
Hansel’s senior salaried employees (Hyry) Efficient cooperation between employees and the employer Very high Regular meetings Managing Director
Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) An active interpreter and developer of the collective agreement on the employee side Low impact and interest Shop steward’s participation in training events, and active contacts with the shop steward Shop steward, HR manager
Service Sector Employers PALTA An active interpreter and developer of the collective agreement on the employer side Low impact and interest Monitor the situation and maintain contact as necessary Managing Director
Ownership steering and legislation
Owner A well-run, responsible and innovative company that generates savings for state procurement High Cooperation projects, such as Handi, active expression of views on the possibilities for development and savings in procurement services Managing Director
Department for Local Government (Ministry of Finance) Regional government reform Very high impact Active collaboration Chief Category Officer
Personnel and Governance Policy Department (steering of government procurement) Management responsibility and participation in cooperation projects, views of a procurement expert Very high impact Cooperation projects, such as Handi Managing Director
Legislative bodies Presenting the viewpoint of the procurement perspective in support of legislative development. Very high Participation in working groups, discussion and information events Head of Legal Affairs
Business, organisations, and corporate responsibility
Industry organisations Dialogue supporting the development of contract terms Moderate Maintenance of contacts and representation in tendering processes Category management
Non-profit organisations Experiences and practical examples related to the own industry Increasing significance Cooperation projects Corporate Responsibility Team
Confederation of Finnish Industries EK Impact on contractual terms, increasing members’ awareness of public procurement Moderate Maintenance of cooperation, meetings when necessary Managing Director
Federation of Finnish Enterprises They want to especially enhance the position of the SME sector in Hansel’s tendering processes Moderate Closer cooperation Managing Director
Association of Public Procurement Contacts and exchange of experiences with a network of industry experts The role is developing Seek an active role and close cooperation at various events, for example Head of Legal Affairs
Ministry of the Environment Pioneer of sustainable procurement High impact, varying interest (legislation, EU) Continue the cooperation Corporate Responsibility Team
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE Partner and expert in procurement, customer Moderate Continue the cooperation Corporate Responsibility Team
Motiva Exchange of information for promoting sustainable procurement Moderate Continue the cooperation Corporate Responsibility Team
Operators in the municipal sector
KL-Kuntahankinnat Oy Participant in joint projects. Potential cooperation in the regional government reform Moderate Joint projects Managing Director
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities Joint lobbying interests Potential cooperation in the regional government reform Moderate Continue the cooperation Managing Director
Other stakeholders
Procurement units in other EU countries Closer cooperation and best practices, ideas for development Moderate Continue the cooperation Managing Director
The media Obtaining information related to public contracts Moderate Active service: offering stories and materials Communications Manager