Offering for lease: a top procurement professional

In line with its new strategy, Hansel plays an increasingly active role in the development of procurement in the government sector With increased demands in the procurement sector, new kinds of needs have emerged which Hansel’s team of procurement professionals will fulfil. Demand for expert services is constantly growing.

A dynamic operating environment and changing requirements have made the implementation of procurement more complex. The rapid development of the sector is visible in, for example, the changing nature of procurement by organisations from goods to services, and in the outsourcing of support functions. Management of outsourced resources calls for competence in procurement, in particular. Furthermore, legislation and customer needs impose their own demands.

Besides planning and completing competitive tendering, Hansel also provides support for the comprehensive development of public procurement. This can be implemented as a development service but also as the leasing of an expert for an agreed period of time.

“Every organisation has its own core mission, and procurement must support its fulfilment. Our goal is to increase a focus on objectives in public procurement. We help procurement units reinvent themselves, come up with development paths, and find ways to proceed along them.

We do not merely issue recommendations but take an active part in customers’ daily lives and the implementation of their plans,” says Kalle Pinni, the Head of Hansel’s Development Unit.

Senate Properties was among the first to utilise a leased procurement professional

Currently, Kalle Pinni works three days a week as the Director of Leased Procurement at Senate. He started in August 2016, and the job will continue until the autumn of 2017.

“Senate already had its hands so full that they had hardly any resources for development work. My goal is to ensure that procurement becomes more effective, risks and total costs related to purchases are reduced, and the possibilities of the supplier market are utilised in full. For instance, I do not put individual acquisitions to tender; procurement services are developed as a whole,” says Kalle Pinni.

The duty of the director of leased procurement is to develop procurement services such that, in the future, they can independently attain the goals set. According to Mikko Ahola, the CFO of Senate Properties, the company wanted to hire an outsider with solid experience in public procurement.

“We wanted a new perspective on Senate’s procurement services.”

“Our objectives include a critical review of the organisation of procurement and operating models, creation of indicators, and clarification of the goals. We have proceeded according to plan with this work, and the concept of the division of work has already been reformed,” Mikko Ahola says.

Senate has been satisfied with its decision to hire a leased procurement director.

“I would recommend this approach to other companies. A leased procurement director especially benefits organisations that have no resources of their own for managing procurement,” says Ahola.