Business segments

Hansel’s business operations are divided into three segments: central procurement, tendering and legal services, and development services. Development services were separated as a specific unit on 1 January 2017. In 2016, these services were provided by the tendering and legal services unit.

Central procurement

Central procurement refers to framework agreements through which government organisations can purchase products and services without specific tendering processes. It can also be used to ensure that the procurement process complies with legislation and to facilitate the management of suppliers by procurement units. The purpose of framework agreements is to establish the general terms governing contracts, such as the subject matter of procurement, prices, and the responsibilities and obligations of the contracting parties. Savings are generated when we put sufficiently large volumes of products and services out to tender and meet the needs of the maximum number of customers.

Central procurement implemented under the framework agreements generates considerable savings for the Finnish Government, through both procurement process costs and pricing.

Hansel’s services also include supporting customers in simplified tendering processes within framework agreements. In the Minikisa Plus service, Hansel prepares a tailored framework agreement on a turnkey basis in an internal, simplified tendering process.

Tendering and legal services

Tendering services are needed when no framework agreement exists for the scope of the procurement in question. Hansel’s tendering consultants and lawyers have specific experience and knowledge of public procurement, competitive tendering and contract law. By using our expert services, customers can ensure that acquisitions are put out to tender in accordance with the valid rules, with the best contractual terms possible, taking account of price and quality factors. This frees the customer’s time for other duties, reduces the procurement unit’s risks, and promotes the distribution of best practices.

Development of procurement

The Procurement Development Services unit was established in 2016 to support the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of procurement, and the organisation’s capability for reform. Experts provide analysis services, proposals and solutions for efficient management and responsible implementation of procurement. They use a great variety of tools and information to analyse the current status of procurement services and to improve its impact. Development processes are generated in close cooperation with the customer.