Board of Directors’ proposal for the disposal of profit

Profit for the financial period totalled €406,438.10. The Board of Directors proposes that no dividend be paid, and that the profit for the financial period be recognised as equity capital, and entered into the accounts as profit for previous financial periods.

Board of Directors and auditors

At the Annual General Meeting of Hansel Ltd on 4 April 2016, the following members of the Board of Directors were elected:

  • Timo Laitinen, Director General, State Treasury (Chair)
  • Kristiina Luukkonen, Senior Adviser for Information Management, Ministry of Finance (Deputy Chair)
  • Rami Metsäpelto, Director-General, Finnish Transport Agency (member)
  • Katariina Kemppainen, Professor (member)
  • Panu Kilpinen, Customer Relationship Manager, Hansel Ltd (member, personnel representative)

The Board convened nine times during 2016.

Authorised Public Accounting Firm KPMG Oy Ab is the company auditor, with Jorma Nurkkala, Authorised Public Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Auditor, as the Chief Auditor. Anssi Pihkala, LL.M., is Hansel’s CEO.