CSR management

At Hansel, the management of corporate responsibility matters has been included in the job description of the Chief Financial Officer. Action plans are planned by the corporate responsibility team and approved, as necessary, by the Executive Committee. The corporate responsibility team, which convenes regularly, consists of experts from various functions within the organisation. The team includes six employees from financial administration, the legal affairs unit, category management, and communications.

The team develops, deploys and provides information on CSR-related matters. Team members participate in CSR related events and training sessions organised by various stakeholders. An essential part of the activity of the CSR team is to arrange internal and training events to cascade corporate responsibility to all the functions of the company.

Members of the CSR team maintain contact with other stakeholders, such as experts from procurement units in the other Nordic countries. The objective of this cooperation is to share information and provide learning according to best practices. Non-profit organisations have been identified as a stakeholder whose significance is increasing. Members of non-profit organisations took part in stakeholder interviews that, for their part, contributed to the materiality matrix and the stakeholder analysis.

Furthermore, members of the CSR team have given lectures on work with corporate responsibility at events held by customer organisations that are described on the page which lists Hansel employees as instructors.