Satisfied customers

Hansel regularly monitors trends in customer and supplier satisfaction. Feedback is continuously collected on every framework agreement and customer project. Also, we commission an extensive satisfaction survey for our customers once a year.

Customers satisfied with Hansel's services

The latest customer satisfaction survey was implemented in January for those who had dealt with Hansel during the preceding year. The results were examined by the Executive Committee and then used in the planning of improvements together with personnel. The incentives of Hansel employees are tied to customer satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction survey shows that Hansel has succeeded in developing its operations. Overall satisfaction among customers, which was already high, had slightly increased from the previous year.

The highest scores were given for knowledge of the Act on Public Contracts and tendering expertise, service attitudes, and actions by contact persons. Meanwhile, knowledge of customer needs and the benefits of joint procurement were identified as areas in need of development. The marks for both objects of development had improved from the preceding year.

The customer survey was answered by a total of 390 customers who had dealt with Hansel over the past year. The respondents were picked, at random, from every administrative branch, with a focus on those who had not answered the survey the year before.

  • The average score was 3.84 (3.83 in 2015)
  • An overall score of 3.50 or higher was given by 77% of the respondents (77%)
  • An overall score of 2.99 or lower was given by 12% of the respondents (11%)

Automated collection of feedback

In addition to extensive surveys, Hansel collects feedback from its customers and contract suppliers on the tendering project for every framework agreement. After the project, the surveys are automatically delivered to parties that took part in the projects. The goal is to use the feedback to develop cooperation with stakeholders.

The efficiency of the framework agreements is studied with a survey addressed to stakeholders before the end of the contract period. With this feedback, any wishes and ideas for development can be taken into account in the planning of the next framework agreement. Hansel also collects feedback from customers on the quality of the expert services after every project.

Customer satisfaction is measured on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the highest and 1 the lowest score. The overall average that measures satisfaction increased from the preceding year in all sections:

  • Customer satisfaction with framework agreements: 3.8 (3.8 in 2015)
  • Customer satisfaction with framework tendering processes: 4.3 (3.9)
  • Supplier satisfaction with framework tendering processes: 4.2 (3.5)
  • Customer satisfaction with tendering consultants: 4.4 (4.4)