Hansel’s events gather professionals together

Hansel’s events are meeting places for experts where they share information, exchange experiences, and network with one another. The events always have topical themes, and they always take the participants’ needs into account. Implementation may take the form of a seminar for hundreds of people, a workshop for a few dozen, or an online seminar.

Hansel wishes to support and promote the cooperation between customers and suppliers. Different events are an important opportunity for customers and suppliers to meet one another, discuss current themes, and build cooperation.

Cooperation to build the working environments of the future

The Facility Day, arranged by Hansel and Senate on 14 April 2016, attracted a great number of procurement and real property professionals to Hakaniemenranta 6. During the day, the participants discussed concrete services – what is on offer and what is coming – and also considered changes in their working environments. The panel discussion in the afternoon offered the public interesting views of the practical implementation of facility solutions.

Many contract suppliers from several different framework agreements attended the Facility Day. Besides the seminar, the guests had time to walk around and examine products and services offered by the suppliers. The guests were also interested in the presentations given; there was standing room only in the full seminar room as they listened to current affairs.

Hansel Network new ideas for acquisitions

The first Hansel Network event attracted procurement professionals to Hotel Scandic Marski on 13 October 2016. The theme of the day was “Impact through innovative procurement”: the participants heard case examples of the topic and came up with ideas for new procedures.

At the event, four examples of innovative acquisitions were presented: the project by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment on the employment of immigrants, a pilot contract by the City of Helsinki and VTT on utilising traffic situation data, the Tesoma well-being centre acquired by the City of Tampere with an alliance model, and a planning competition by Tekes where a hackathon was utilised.

After the presentations, the participants were able to discuss the case example and consider, both alone and in small groups, how innovativeness could be implemented in procurement. The goal of the work on ideas was to take a step towards more innovative acquisitions.

The engaging working model, which was in line with the Hansel Network concept, proved extremely successful, and new events with topical themes will be forthcoming.